About the CCEF

The Canadian Collegiate Equestrian Federation (CCEF) was officially founded in 2019 by a former Ontario Collegiate Equestrian Association president, as well as industry professionals across Canada. Affiliated organizations strive to offer students a way to continue riding and competing without the same financial and time commitments traditionally associated with the sport.

Prior to the CCEF, province and zone associations ran individually, hosting their own provincial and regional finals. The goal in mind while creating the CCEF was harmony, inclusiveness, and growth to connect all equestrian students across Canada.

The CCEF offers a finals for hunter equitation riders ranging in ability, and riders compete on donated horses that they have not previously ridden.

About the Concept

Individual qualifier shows are run by member teams within affiliated associations. Each affiliated association offers a large quantity of competitions per season to earn points to accumulate and qualify for the CCEF finals.

Qualification Process

The CCEF offers a grand total of 12 spots per division at the Canadian Finals. These are split between the two regions of Ontario/Quebec and the Atlantic region.
Competitors are encouraged to purchase a CCEF membership at the beginning of their competitive year in order to qualify for the Canadian Finals.
The OCEA and the AIEL are responsible for choosing their representative riders. The associations will then apply with their rider’s competitive record for the past season and the CCEF will distribute invitations.